Research Assistant Opportunities

Full-time predoc with Sara Lowes, Jacob Moscona, and Nathan Nunn, Fall 2024. [Apply here]

Description: Specific areas of focus will be aimed at digitizing and quantifying various economic, political, social, and cultural aspects of indigenous societies in Africa. Incumbent will be responsible for reading ethnographies and anthropological accounts of pre-colonial societies, building data sets from these qualitative accounts, developing text parsing tools to extract information about individual ethnic groups from long-form texts, and using geographic software to map and visualize data. Incumbent will undertake empirical analyses working both quantitatively and qualitatively with aspects of societies and economic development. Incumbent will oversee the day-to-day project management, collaborating with faculty members from other Universities in, but not limited to, the design and execution of empirical tests, and will be involved in all parts of the research, from data digitization to database management to mapping and visualization to model estimation to data analysis (using R and STATA) which involves writing code, understanding and interpreting the output, to the writing of estimation results. This position also involves academic writing and editing (e.g., data documentation, grant proposals, and portions of journal articles), preparing information for presentation and publication.